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Universal Orlando (Portofino Bay on-site hotel) refusing to return Child’s soft toy accidentally left in hotel room, need help for how to deal with my daughter please as she is very upset about it and misses it as it was her favourite soft toy

Starslightupinthesky September 17, 2022 20:05

We left about a week ago now and are now back in the UK. The hotel have told me that my daughter’s soft toy has been found but have said they can't post it back to me. I've even offered to pay postage for it to be sent back to the UK and they still say no. It was Loews Portofino Bay on-site hotel at Universal Orlando in Florida, we live up north in the UK so it’s not like we live in Florida and can just go back for it. Am I right to think this is poor customer service from Universal Orlando and Portofino Bay? Is there anyway I can try to get this toy back for my daughter? I've been dealing with the hotel directly but getting no where. My daughter is so upset as it’s her favourite soft toy

My daughter is both adopted and has autism. What do I do? She’s been having meltdowns about it as she’s so upset, how do I handle this? Thank you so much in advance

chestnuttree September 17, 2022 22:32

Have you had a look on ebay to see if you can find the same soft toy as a replacement? That would probably be the easiest and fastest option.

I think hotels do not post lost items as a rule. Do you know anyone who lives nearby and who could get it for you? Is there a university and could you hire a student to get it back to you?

Donatella September 20, 2022 14:05

I imagine it’s a pretty standard response. I guess lots of people leave stuff behind accidentally.

Can you find a replacement? I know it may not be the ideal solution but in the absence of any other?

Or are there are Facebook groups for this hotel/Disney that you could ask?

It’s difficult- my kids still have their cuddlies from babyhood and eldest is now 21! It’s threadbare but he’s still very attached to it


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