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Unique Adoption Picture Book

Sulamaye June 17, 2013 16:18
Hi,I am adoptive parent who has just published a picture book on Amazon that I wrote and illustrated (with the help of my mum), in order to explain to my daughter what happened before she came to me.I found a life story book is all very well, but it doesn''t answer questions like ''how could my birth mother love me, but not care for me?'' ''what does it mean, she wasn''t cared for herself as a child?'' I made it for my daughter''s adoption day, but then realised how helpful it could be to many adoptive parents. ''A Story of Adoption'' uses the story of Violet, fostered age 6, pregnant at 18 and her own child adopted at 19 to make a unique (as far as I can see) book for adoptive parents to use to start conversations about the tough stuff. To make sure our children know the truth, not the stories they may tell themselves!Have a look it''s on Amazon: me know what you think!
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Sulamaye June 17, 2013 16:20
You will have to copy and paste the link into your browser as it doesn't work as hypertext here. Sorry
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Imp June 17, 2013 16:46
Have just ordered it
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Sulamaye June 17, 2013 16:48
Oh thank you - I hope you find it useful - my daughter will be chuffed!
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rappit July 8, 2013 19:47
hi therecongratultions on taking the bull by the horns and doing this.It sounds a really interesting book. However I have seen (and bought!) enough adoption books that I dont like/do not fit our childrens story that these days I'm reticent about purchasing them with out seeing them first properly and being able to read the narrative. I realise you have tried to make it quite generic but still sometimes even generic can be too far away from the real story.I've been taking along my own adoption book collection to our adoption Mother and Toddler Group to help other Mums look at a selection as there are so many out there its hard to know what to choose online (the post adoption team should really brings theirs to the group as they have heaps.. but I've asked and it never gets done!) I just wondered how you were going to advertise the book/get the word out..are you planning on sending them out to LA's/agencies to have a look? Do AUK have a copy in their library? Just asking as interested as to where I might be able to see one first before buying!Rappit
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Sulamaye July 9, 2013 18:15
Hi, I never intended to publish it it was only because that was a way to get a real book for my daughter and I realised it may help others.You can see some pages on Amazon and if you PM me I could try and find away of e-mailing you the text alone - that would tell you whether it bore any relevance to your child's life. Apart from that how would I get it in libraries like you said? I have some health problems that are making me less proactive than I might have been before I got ill.Let me know if you want a copy of the text.Thanks
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