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South East Asian/White Mix Adopters

mwest123 February 5, 2018 21:13
Hi guys, are there any prospective adopters out there that are of South East Asian/White (me) and White British (hubby) ethnic mix or similar, that are going through the process or have been recently matched. We are due to go to Approval Panel in a couple of weeks and want to hear about people’s experiences. This is our third adoption, our last was 8 years ago so things have changed quite a lot since then!! Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Bubsy March 13, 2018 12:39
Hi, I just posted a similar question. I am at the beginning of our adoption journey so I don’t have any experience to help, sorry. Can I ask what ethnicity your children are? I am glad to hear you got matched, we are a bit worried about how that will work for us. My husband is Chinese and I am white British.
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Anita July 12, 2018 21:57
Hi, we were matched over 6 years ago, so not so recently, British and European/Indian. The problem was not at approval stage but during the matching process where some agencies would find interesting excuses not to consider us as we weren't the exact right match, ethnically, religion, etc. The matching process took over a year and a half and in the end we were matched with a lovely girl, European/Asian, vaguely our ethnicity and we are a happy family with all the ups and downs. We are a gay couple and this was another hurdle to overcome.
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