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New Blog on unmanaged contact

DigitalAUK May 13, 2021 10:02

In a new blog, our CEO Sue Armstrong Brown reflects on yesterday's BBC Radio 4 Today programme & the subject of unmanaged contact. She calls for an overhaul of the way contact is decided & supported, from before the adoption order & right into adulthood. "In failing to recognise the strong likelihood of unmanaged contact and failing to invest early in life journey work and identity development, the adoption system is setting young people up for risk. I hope that tragedies like the family torn apart by unsolicited contact will spotlight the need for better preparation. Adopted children deserve to be able to find out who they are without feeling forced to go behind their parents’ back or running the risk of exposure to crime, drugs and violence. Adoptive families, birth families and adopted children all deserve a relationship-based contact system that comes much closer to meeting their needs." Read more:

SewingBee May 15, 2021 22:22

I heard the interview on the Today programme . My two adopted siblings are coming up to their teenage years. I find myself fearing something similar but at the same time wonder what support birth mum has had since she lost all of her children. My two are two of several siblings who have been separately adopted. If my two make contact with birth mum they will also stand to lose contact with their other siblings. These are really complicated situations. I don’t know whether to bring up the subject or wait until (or if) it happens. On top of that I’m aware that my two have many half siblings that they don’t even know about. The thought of one or many of them tracking down my two and introducing chaos is really frightening.


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