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Adopted children being classed as LAC in EHCP?

Lilythepink November 24, 2021 11:58

Quick question and would welcome a response from other parents or from AUK...

At EHCP draft stage at the moment.

Has anyone heard of formerly looked after (legally adopted) children being classed as LAC for EHCP purposes???

In our draft, they've ticked the box for LAC and in the Health provision specified LAC health checks. I queried this with the caseworker who said "some parents prefer this..."

I cannot believe that you can, on a legal document, specify an incorrect legal status. The local authority is not a corporate parent and has no parental responsibility for our child, in law.

Happy to assume the professionals are talking rubbish and this is just wrong, unless anyone knows differently?

Donatella November 25, 2021 09:26

I had this on a statement - I think there was a mix of ignorance and false assumptions. Mostly ignorance in that not everyone sees a difference between foster care and adoption. I had it removed and escalated to my local authority access and inclusion so that error wasn’t made again. They’re wrong.

Safia November 25, 2021 09:30

I think there is a category - previous looked after children - which can bring some advantages / funding so maybe it’s to do with that?

CatLady1 November 26, 2021 12:04

In our LEA, adopted children are, as Safia says, considered Previously Looked After Children and, as with Looked After Children, are eligible for extra funding for the school and also the same priorities when applying for places at school. Both categories are often referred to simply as LAC in documents.

Edited 26/11/2021
Lilythepink November 28, 2021 13:09


I think Donatella is correct, sadly.

Yes, I know all about "former LAC" (FLAC), pupil premium and school priority. It's not that and explained it in words of one syllable, twice to the EHCP caseworker. They've ticked the box for LAC and the health people have put down that she needs the statutory LAC health checks.

Caseworker takes no responsibility and just talks guff.

It's just shoddiness.


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