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priority placement / admissions for adopted children (wales)

May 12, 2019 22:54

Hi, just looking for some advice. My 3yo has been in part time nursery since January and due to start full time in September, but yesterday we received a letter to say our application for full time school has not been successful (due to lack of places and volume of applications) and that an alternative place has been offered for an alternative school. I thought adopted children received priority places - is this right? if so can anyone point me in the right direction for challenging this?

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Donatella May 12, 2019 23:23

As nursery is a non statutory provision I’m not sure they are obliged to offer a full time place. Most nursery provision is now part time - not sure where you are in Wales but I’ve attached Cardiff’s admissions code just for a guide. I imagine most authorities will be the same.\_20.pdf

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Donatella May 12, 2019 23:24
May 12, 2019 23:51

Thank you. It’s not so much whether it’s full or part time I’m concerned about, it’s the fact that she’ll have to move to a different school. I just thought that she would be given priority due to her being adopted. Consistency is so important when she’s already had so many changes in her young life. We are in the Merthyr borough. I will check the LA code. Thank you for responding

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Donatella May 13, 2019 09:51

Can I just clarify ... will he be going into reception class or is this for the nursery class in school? I have friends who’ll know the answer to your query but I just wanted to check the detail!

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CatLady1 May 13, 2019 11:57

Hi emdee, in Wales previously looked after children (adopted) have the same educational status as LAC; that is, they are one of the highest priorities when it comes to school places.

The Welsh Government has published a booklet called Making a Difference- which can be downloaded. In England they have virtual schools with a virtual head to oversee educational provision for LAC. In Wales there are Looked After Children in Education (LACE) Coordinators which I think is the equivalent. The Coordinators are appointed by the various education authorities.

I am wondering whether your education authority might have missed the fact that your child is adopted. Would be worth following up on that.

Hopefully Camellia will have more info on the nursery/school transition situation.

Hope that helps xx

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Donatella May 13, 2019 12:13

But that only applies to statutory education - it doesn’t apply to nursery education which is non statutory.

I think it would be worth appealing and maybe getting your sw - if there is still one - on board. Always had more impact when a professional speaks to another professional!

Is the current nursery/school adoption friendly? Is the one they’re naming? What’s happened to all the other children - are they in the same position?

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