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Two separate Adoption placements

Paisley January 18, 2022 20:08

We will be going to panel for one child to be placed with the potential of be chosen to also adopt the child’s younger sibling and have a panel for them too.

This means two placements within 3 or so months. Has anyone been in this situation and if so what was the adoption leave entitlement? For example on placement of the 2nd child, dod the the adoption leave and same entitlement of 52 weeks start again?

Safia January 18, 2022 20:16

I’ve had very similar - siblings in two separate LAs adopted 6months apart. I don’t really know about the adoption leave - I was still on adoption leave for the first when the second was placed built as I intended to leave I didn’t look into it any further. I would assume it would start again but if you’re intending to go back to work you’d really need to check - you would need all the leave you can get including unpaid extension if possible. Mine had never met and were in two separate LAs - both toddlers - it was quite difficult - for them too so there is no way I could’ve gone back to work

Paisley January 18, 2022 20:21

Thank you Safia

They in in two LAs too and toddlers so very similar situation.

I will find out what leave I can get and any unpaid leave.

Remy2 January 27, 2022 21:01

We're in a similar but not the same position.

I've had the opportunity to go back to work for 3 months so I will qualify for adoption leave and pay again.

From the research I did you can start a second spell of adoption leave whilst still on the first but you don't qualify for any further statutory adoption pay.

I know each employer is different but that seemed to be the statutory stance. I only found it here:

I wish you all the best in your journey.


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