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Transferring SLT Referrals

LondonDadsToBe2 February 2, 2022 14:44

Hi folks,

Me and my husband are hopefully really close to having a match approved with a little boy and hoping to start transitions in the next couple of months.

His most recent medical review, his health visitor made a referral for Speech and Language Therapy. He's just turned 2, and we knew this was likely.

My question though is how can we ensure that when he moves to us, the clock doesn't get reset on any SLT referral? I am worried that he will wait two or three months in his current area, and then when he moves to us, we have to start trying to get a new referral and he has to start the wait all over again.

His SW and our SW have basically said we need to talk to our GP - but I wondered if anyone had any experience of this? What should we be asking them for?

Safia February 2, 2022 17:59

We had a similar situation many years ago with my daughter - she had been referred for SLT in her local area. They informed our local service and it all went through smoothly. Maybe just mention it when you register him with your GP and then follow up later if you haven’t heard. They should get all the medical info sent through directly to them anyway


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