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Where are the children

M&Y June 11, 2021 20:30

Anyone else finding that there are not many coming on to LM and then when you show interest a link has already been made.

Serrakunda27 June 12, 2021 11:31

The pandemic has created huge backlogs in the courts and LA services are pretty much overwhelmed, it will take time for it all to work through

Maddy July 2, 2021 17:53

Yes we were really surprised at how little children there were on LM compared to the amount of prospective adopters.

SCHeart July 22, 2021 13:26

I have to say we are struggling with this also. Very few children coming on to LM, and any that do "stronger links" are found pretty quickly. It took us over 12 months to get approved due to location and covid-19 restrictions. It's just a daunting prospect to imagine that it could take another year maybe two to find our children. Of course from an outsider looking in, it looks good that there aren't many profiles coming on to LM, you'd naturally think that perhaps less children are now going into the care system (which is wonderful for the children), however we all know this not to be the case. Unfortunately I think a lot of this is due to COVID causing so many problems for everyone and it is therefore creating a great deal of delays. Hopefully this whole pandemic starts to improve soon so that matches can be made for the children and adopters,


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