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Choosing the right agency

April 17, 2020 19:13

Hello! Hope everyone is well!

We are at the stage where we need to choose which agency to go with and are leaning towards Barnados as we’ve had the best experience with them so far.

Wondering if anyone else has experience of Barnados? It’ll help us cement our decision!

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LD123 April 19, 2020 19:52


We chose to work with Barnardos and they have been truly wonderful. Can't recommend them enough.

Good luck making your decision.

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LSB April 26, 2020 01:18

Hello, we are approved adopters through Barnardos. In our opinion they have been absolutely fantastic!

We did a lot of Research with which agency we wanted to go with or if we wanted to use our LA.

We chose Barnardos based on the support they offer post adoption.

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chestnuttree April 26, 2020 19:17

PMed you

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May 1, 2020 18:46

Thanks very much. :)

We've chosen to go with them and everything has been wonderful so far. Seems like they'll give really good support that's unique to us - which is 100% what we want. Very happy with our choice!

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LSB May 1, 2020 19:48

A great choice!!! Honestly they are fantastic and so so understanding about past situations..

we actually got linked with our little boy today and I cannot thank Barnardos enough they have truly done absolutely everything they can, our SW is absolutely fab too xx

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MAGUIRE May 6, 2020 18:10

I contacted Barnardos and was directed to my LA because I am looking for a 0-2 yr old. Are your adopted children 10 years plus?

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LSB May 6, 2020 18:32

No, LA have much younger children however via link maker there are still young children available.. with Barnardo’s you also get the chance to attend activity days where you can meet children or you’ll be invited to events where you can share your profile and meet social workers.

I felt my LA didn’t offer a lot after the child was placed unlike Barnardo’s they have professional therapists ect ect

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Squidge May 6, 2020 20:25

We initially contacted our LA as we were interested in the 0-2 age range. However we did not get a good feeling from our LA eg they missed (forgot) about scheduled calls and it felt as if perhaps they were a little overstretched. This cast doubt on how supportive they would be given these constraints.

We had not considered Barnado's so appreciate the tip as we did not really give post placement support that much thought but will do so now as a result of your comments.

I have just emailed Barnado's to arrange a quick chat. Their website does say that they offer the Foster To Adopt AKA Early Permanence which is the method we are interested in as we have assumed it eliminates the need to place the child with other foster carers and that it mainly deals with babies and younger children (we could be wrong but i'm sure they will clarify when we speak to them).

If anyone has any other recommendations on Agencies that have an excellent track record for Foster To Adopt (AKA Concurrent Planning / Early Permanence) please do let us know.

Another agency was recommended to us - CORAM. However we emailed CORAM approx 5 weeks ago and despite chasing, we have sadly not had any response so we are unsure what the situation there is.

Thanks again for sharing...

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