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Adoption pay for self employed adopters

Cherryblossom November 29, 2021 15:16


I wonder if you might have a look at this petition and sign it?

One of the things we have discovered that seems rather unfair and prohibitive is that statutory adoption pay is not something that the self employed are entitled to. This could prevent many potential parents from adoption.

Thank you

Ensuring statutory adoption pay is available to a self-employed parent in the same way that maternity allowance is available for self-employed new mums would promote an equal and fair society inclusive of all routes to parenthood. More details A parent taking statutory leave regardless of it being adoption or maternity should be both recognised and supported fairly. Expecting self-employed parents to take unpaid adoption leave whilst supporting their child during a critical transitional period is unfair. This current policy is not inclusive of adoptive families and to many, reads as an act of discrimination. I wish the Government to introduce an Adoption Allowance comparable with the Maternity Allowance for the Self-Employed.

chestnuttree December 16, 2021 20:56


Ebearplus January 1, 2022 18:19

Signed and shared with Adoption training peers!


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