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It never ends!

Deleted June 17, 2019 11:15

My AD had her first baby at 17. GS now almost 12. He has been diagnosed as on the ASD, it mainly shows as social difficulty, he also has Dyspraxia, and since he was neglected as a baby and lived with us for 2 years , Attachment Disorder. My daughter almost certainly also ASD but was diagnosed as BPD aged 18. Her 2 nd baby now 3 1/2. . Her marriage (2 nd baby father, ) is very unhappy and I hear on a daily basis how miserable she is. The family is in chaos. She now says she is Gay, shaved her hair off, wants to leave , and go and house share with a ( Male ) Gay friend. GS is seeing CAMHS as he is struggling with his mental health. My D speaks to him very disrespectfully but is inconsistent. My GD is everyone's sweetheart and seems to have escaped the ASD , but is very much the favoured one. However she hears all the arguing as does my GS and is showing signs of insecurity. My D is refusing to attend the Therapy that CAMHS has offered both her and my GD. She says this is because of bad memories when we attended. She is blaming me for her struggle with Sexual identity, because although we always talked about it in the family in general and of course was accepting , she says we didn't tell her she might be Gay and buy her books etc. I just feel as though the whole pressure will never end, I get the old familiar stomach pain when she rings, texts or walks in the door. I'm trying to get her to see the children deserve a happy childhood ( she takes her friends to the beach but unless we take them, the children don't get to go) but she is blind to it. I'm sorry this is a rant, I know there are no answers, but I can't share it with family

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Green457 June 18, 2019 17:16

Sending you a big hugxx

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Safia June 19, 2019 09:56

Really sorry to hear of your sad situation - you have been through so much that is very painful. You are right - there are no answers but maybe you could seek counselling for yourself? Not for any answers but to work through all this pain and probably lots from before that you have bottled up - would probably help with the physical symptoms at least ?

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June 5, 2020 07:07

You can handle it. Remember life throws big challenges to people who can survive and win against these challenges.

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