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Help with evidence for Commissioners for funding

Kazzie February 13, 2020 15:48

DD (17) is currently having home tuition as she wasn't able to return to college last September for various reasons, but including her mental health issues. We have recently been told that as she had decided that she wanted to continue this tuition until the end of the year it would have to go to the commissioner panel for approval.

She is currently working on Functional skills level 2 in Maths and English with the option of doing English Literature and Language GCSE exams as well. We have the exam dates to work towards. She is working really hard despite anxiety around the tuition continuing.

However the SENDO has asked us to provide a personal statement to present to the panel to strengthen DD's case. I was wondering if anyone could possibly point us towards any research/ work that would help our argument. If it all fails DD would be absolutely devastated. The college are also wanting her to be emotionally stable in order to enrol on a course in September.

Thank you

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Safia February 13, 2020 17:56

My AD is similar but was out of college for several years having tried different courses when we tried for a new EHCP - she gets a basic 7.5hrs per week but that is enough for her. She is 24 now so will get it till she’s 25. We don’t really visualise her going back to college but if she could do voluntary work again that might lead to something. We just included all the medical reports and wrote a personal statement outlining how she was and what she could cope with. Could you get any professionals involved to write something? You could try IPSEA - they were very helpful for us and sent info by email as well as giving a lot of advice on how best to approach it. You book a telephone conference through their website

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Kazzie February 17, 2020 12:38

Thank you Safia. DD currently has funding for the home tuition which has been extended until the higher panel meeting at the beginning of March so we've got a couple of weeks grace.

We've written our statement as has DD so hopefully we will be able to continue with the home tuition. The teachers are really engaging her with the work they are doing so fingers crossed that the panel will agree to the continued funding.

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