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relationships with food

Barneybear August 31, 2023 13:12

Hi..first time of this but wanted to reach out and post.

Have a 12 year old girl (adopted since a baby) who has just started high school. She is sneaking food and finding wrappers under her bed. Had a chat with her last night to try and talk it through, she just said she is hungry, but said that I didn't want her sneaking food and hiding it. Would give her more food if asked..but all she wants is junk.

Also I can see on app what she is buying for lunch at school, and it is a lot and pretty much all rubbish. I am worried.

I am over thinking a lot because she is adopted...addictive birth parents...

And would really appreciate anyone who has been through this or something similar getting in touch

Thank you 😊


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