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Adoption Support Package

SCHeart November 16, 2021 09:57

Hi All,

My partner and I were initially only considering sibling groups of two as we only have a three bedroom home, therefore we wanted each child to have their own room, and also the idea of adopting three children seems quite daunting. However recently we have been considering sibling groups of three children. We understand that two children can share the same room, and one of the bedrooms is perfectly large enough to cater for two single beds. We have noticed on a couple of the larger sibling groups it states that an Adoption Support Package is available. Is this due to it being a large sibling group, and also what does an Adoption Support Package usual entail. Many thanks in advance for your help.

Serrakunda27 November 16, 2021 13:14

Adoption support package could mean a number of things but will usually involve some financial support. This could be ongoing - many adopters find they are unable to return to work, either full or part time, the needs of a large sibling group greatly increase the chances of this so there will be implications for the family income.

Going from 0 to 3 or 4 children at once is obviously an expensive undertaking, I know of adopters who have had help purchasing larger cars, washing machines, beds etc.

There may also be elements relating to theraputic support.

Prospective adopters may see many barriers to adopting a large group so the package is about tackling some of those issues and making children more 'attractive' for want of a better word.

Don't be afraid to ask what it means in the context of a specific group of children - adopting a big group is a huge undertaking and you should be supported in that

Good luck !

SCHeart November 16, 2021 14:25

Hi Serrakunda27 thank you very much for putting this into context for me, this detail is very much appreciated. I will certainly enquire further in regards to this. Thank you.

Donatella November 17, 2021 10:57

Adoption Support packages can vary in what they actually provide and for how long. It’ll depend on the needs of the children.

However, as a mum to three I would say that the support package is just one small aspect of adopting three children. Do you desperately want three? Was it ever your dream to have three at once? I always envisaged having three and I now have three, however they all came separately. My oldest is now 20 and is away at uni but I’ve never been able to return to paid employment. Their needs - not to mention the astronomical childcare costs for three - have made it impossible.

I do know families who have adopted three at once and the dynamics vary, however none are straightforward. If you consider, eg, genetics- if one has ADHD/ASD/mental health issues etc then it’s entirely likely more than one child will. Ditto FAS/FASD,

Obviously having three is expensive - in our case it meant a 7 seater car for example because two couldn’t sit next to each other. Food, bills. In my experience having three is an entirely dynamic to having two.

So I’d say think long and hard and past any support package offered. Think logistics. Practicalities. I had three in three different schools and that’s not unusual when there are complex needs in the mix. Each sibling group will be different, have different needs and sometimes keeping all three together may not always be in their best interests. Look hard into their backgrounds. I’m not saying discount it but be very open to how hard it will be. And good luck


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