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Matching panel - failing?

Lady in waiting August 29, 2022 08:33

Hello there,

We have our matching panel in 6 weeks. Our SW has always said this is a formality, and the kid's SW and FF have expressed how happy they are with the match. However, reading some forums I can see that the panel can reject this or even the ADM, and this is making us a bit anxious.

Has anyone experienced this or heard of any cases? How often does it happen?

Many thanks!

chestnuttree August 29, 2022 13:01

I cannot remember hearing of it, but I am sure it does happen once in a blue moon. Matching panel is not just a formality though and, to us, felt more challenging to pass than approval panel, and we were the perfect match on paper (and in real life!).

Think about why this child is right for you and why you are the right parents for this child. Think about your weaknesses (eg. no local family support) and how you will answer questions about those. What potential problems do you foresee and how would you navigate them?

Good luck!

Lady in waiting August 29, 2022 13:23

Thanks so much, chestnuttree. It's been a tough competitive matching process and all these points (and many more) were discussed in depth already. So, on paper, nothing should happen, but I get your point. We won't be too comfortable.

Safia August 29, 2022 14:24

I agree with Chestnuttree. You need to prepare for possible questions and be able to argue / back up the points in the report. They will ask questions - that is their job. They need to be satisfied they are making the right decision for the child / children. For example in ours - which we did not attend as was the way then - they asked how I would cope going from working in a professional role to being the full time mother of a lively toddler. If your social workers have prepared thoroughly there should be no surprises but I have heard incidences where there has been a delay while additional information is sought, particularly if SWs have perhaps been inexperienced and missed something

Lady in waiting August 29, 2022 14:43

Thanks for your anwer, Safia.

Our SW is amazing, with 40 years of experience. We just spoke with her and she said that, while it technically possible, she cannot imagine one reason why it would happen in this case. We've done a lot of work on top of the home study because the child is from a different ethnicity. So I guess it will be about us offering the panel what we already discussed with the child's FF and SW.

We've invested so much in this and are so excited, that we want to be extra prepared and avoid this.

Edited 29/08/2022
Safia August 29, 2022 16:31

Good luck! I’m sure it’ll all be fine - but being as well prepared as possible is always best

chestnuttree August 30, 2022 22:03

Don't worry, you will be fine. Just think it through one more time and try to come across as enthusiastic, thoughtful and child-centred. All the best!


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