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Support in School

Bluemetro June 7, 2019 12:59

Firstly I would like to thank those on the old forum, Donatella and others who advised to get diagnoses and those who have encouraged to keep going to try to get support. We now have one diagnosis, although almost did not get to the professional due to schools assessment and another confirmed by two professionals, but as yet still work in progress because of what school do not see. School did not believe DS should have an EHCP, but we took it to tribunal so he was assessed. The EP saw the high anxiety and the EHCP has been agreed. It has been hard at times for DS to cope with school, so we are pleased for him that at last we have this step forward to getting more support for him.

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Serrakunda27 June 7, 2019 13:21

well done you !

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Donatella June 7, 2019 13:25

Woop woop! Getting the diagnosis had definitely helped to get the right support for my kids - we’re now on the flight path to getting 6th form support on place for middly. He’s only y10 but I know how long it can take.


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Safia June 16, 2019 21:46

Fantastic news! I tried to post a few minutes ago but it didn’t save! A diagnosis makes all the difference - particularly to how seriously others take what you say - hope you now get the help you need too

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