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Personal Data Breach - Birth Family stalking us

Gertrude July 10, 2021 15:01

We have recently found out that our children's birth family have found out our names and where we live and have been stalking us with the intent of abducting the children.

The Police put some protection measures in place in case they tried anything but we were so anxious at home we just couldn't handle it and have left the country. Social Services are not doing anything about it as they say they have no proof and no jurisdiction to investigate which we know is not true.

We have had some legal advice and will be demanding a formal investigation but I wanted to ask on here, have any other adopters experienced a personal data breach like this? What happened? If anyone has any advice they can give us it would be hugely appreciated.


Serrakunda27 July 10, 2021 22:09

That all sounds very frightening

Are you saying that you believe the LA gave the information to the birth family ?

Gertrude July 11, 2021 12:02

Yes potentially @Serrakunda27. The leak can only have come through the LA, GP/Hospital or the courts. I assume some correspondence was accidentally sent to them and we need to find out who made the mistake.


Safia July 12, 2021 11:38

You might find something in the archives as sadly this has happened before - I think people ended up moving - maybe also try AUK helpline?

Gregs July 13, 2021 11:01

This is horrific!

Ham July 17, 2021 08:22

Hi sorry this has happened to you. this happened to me 27 years ago and it happens periodically. Over the years I have met several people who this has happened too and heard of others.

It is a scary thing especially as the bf in my case were violent. It was the courts which sent out my address and when discovered there response was flippant and did not care.

The matter was perused and I got in writing (they would not help with a move and I couldn't afford too) the courts would cover any legal expenses involved if bf turned up.

A judicial review that it would not happen again but did to others.

A tag on my address so if bf turned up police would respond rapidly.

Some compensation.

To be fair bf have never turned up but anxiety levels at keeping my children safe was horrendous and I really expected bf to turn up when my children turned 18.itt never happened.

Other families not so lucky and had issues with bf turning up.

So you need to decide do /can you move. Or live with this hanging over you.

Can or do you have the energy to chase the organisation that did this.

For me the anxiety levels did fade and learned to live with it but peaked at certain times. I also made schools aware and set up passwords in case of emergency and some one else had to collect them

Good luck i hope you can find some resolution

windfalls July 18, 2021 19:34

Hi Gertrude,

Get legal advice and sue for breach of confidentiality. Your solicitor will advise but damages can include cost of having to move and cost of legal proceedings. Don't let them get away with it. Most solicitors will give 30 mins free advice and so ask when you make the appointment.

Sorry this has happened. It happened to us as well. Luckily we were already in the process of moving when it happened but I have since refused to give my daughter's placing authority our new address.

Best wishes. Xxx


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