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EHCP Review

Kazzie August 5, 2020 18:37

We have a meeting with DD's college on Friday this week which was originally planned to discuss support on her return in September. However DH has been in contact today with the SENDO who is planning to use the meeting as her EHCP Review. He has contacted the health care professionals to provide a report on her medical needs by Friday. He is also expecting a response from ourselves by then as well.

I feel that this is too short a time frame plus one of the professionals only started working with DD this week and is also new to that service. The SENDIAS worker allocated to us is also on annual leave so not available. The college have allocated an hour for the meeting which I think won't be long enough to discuss anything properly plus I have the sort of job (like other people) in which you can't turn up late and am on duty on Friday.

Any advice please.

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Safia August 5, 2020 21:04

There must be a timescale for the required notice of the meeting - if you look at the IPSEA website I’m sure you’ll find something there. I recently found case law on there stating that’s its discriminatory to stop the EHCP for someone just because they are out of college and not working towards a qualification (my daughter is coming up to 25 and has been having 7.5 hrs home tutoring because of her mental health needs) we are arguing that this should continue till the end of the academic year rather than stopping on her birthday as for everyone else. They have arranged a meeting at short notice for us to discuss this following my letter - but we are pleased with this as they haven’t had a review for years and want to end the EHCP in October. If you want to you can book a conference call with IPSEA to discuss it with them - they have a lot of expertise but I think the info should be on the website

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Safia August 5, 2020 21:30
Kazzie August 6, 2020 11:20

Thanks Safia ?

Just heavily referenced IPSEA in my email to the SENDO.

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Safia August 27, 2020 19:08

Just to let you know following my letter they arranged a review meeting the following week (on teams) and I’ve just got the email to say panel have agreed to fund tuition until the end of the summer term next year! Result! Hope you get good news too

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Kazzie August 28, 2020 12:02

The SENDO really didn't like my email ? but it had the desired result. The review has been put back until around November which gives DD time to settle back into college after a year out. The college staff agreed that the two days was too short a time frame as well.

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