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Meeting with School

Bluemetro December 7, 2021 17:13

Our DS found returning to school after lockdowns very difficult due to anxiety. Last week he managed every day, albeit one by second lesson. He is 13, has learning difficulties ASD and ADHD and an EHCP. School have an issue with him arriving late to classes which he says is because he needs time to take a walk. He masks in school.

Teachers are generally supportive and we have quite a bit of contact by email. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of anything similar or suggestions of things that have worked as we have a meeting with School next week.

windfalls December 7, 2021 20:05

Hi Bluemetro,

If you look at limpsfield Grange school in oxted Surrey - they have an outreach department and the website has lots of information about ASD and schools. The school is a girls specialist ASD school ,- senior school. I am sure you will find lots of useful information on their website.

Best wishes xxx

Bluemetro December 11, 2021 11:53

Thank you Windfalls for your suggestion. Lots of useful tips for schools under the Surrey Autism Outreach Service Section. Would recommend this to anyone else wanting suggestions for school.

Although they have quite a bit in the EHCP already, I think it is particularly the things explaining the anxiety that need to be worked through.


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