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Can the forums recover?

Safia July 9, 2019 12:20

Scott - I vaguely remember Dishy - must have been a long time ago! I really admire your tenacity in trying to get the boards back to the AUK way - but with added security - I can appreciate that. However one point - this is still a public forum and encouraging people to post personal details as in the "who am I thread" could be an issue for some and the added sense that there is more security involved - because of the long winded log in - may mean people are more ready to post personal details than they would otherwise be. If you could get the message boards back to what they were when I first started reading them - about 10-15 years ago - but with the added level of security many people pleaded for then - than that might work. But I think there would have to be messaging that was not available in the public forum for that to work. For many years this has happened by people's use of the chat facility - if they wanted to reply to a thread openly giving advice but did not want to make too many of their own personal details public then they sent a private message to the other person in reply. Lots of very valuable advice was given in this way. Another issue I think that would help is having two separate facilities for prospective / new adopters and adopters of older children - that way prospectives would not be constantly saying that the posters were too "negative" - maybe a way of separating out the concerns people have at different stages / with different age groups? One thing that was suggested before was a public boards with an option of a private board for members only which is where people could post when they needed anonymity - and the increased security level could ensure there was no trawling by SWs or BPs (hopefully) The chat facility I know is something you are working on but the delay is so frustrating and nobody is now on the boards / posting as regularly as they used to - old users are popping in from time to time for a browse but the immediacy is lost.

As I said I really appreciate what you are trying to do and I can see how hard you are trying - so keep up the good work and don't be disheartened - the criticisms are meant as helpful pointers not negativity.

Edited 17/02/2021
Scott C-R July 9, 2019 12:51

Hi Safia

Lots to unpick from that, and thanks for posting.

Just to be clear, I am not expecting anyone to post personal info they are not happy to/is risky. I guess I was in the mindset that folk would know not to identify themselves too much, and I am also conscious that I am "out" - so that may lead to confusion! So point taken, and I will make that point in en edit on the thread.

There is a lot to do, and the first thing I will be doing once the technical issues are resolved is creating a willing working group to help me implement ideas to develop the forums. I have no idea how much we can increase the traffic, but I am here to give it my best, but can only do it with user engagement, a key thing that has been missing in the past!

I only have to look at the archived posts and my old username to see - this has been ongoing for a few years, and I was once very vocal myself about the changes that were made to forums in the past (talking 10 years ago) - so I guess I still have that passion, and now have the opportunity to try and do something!

So - thank you, I don't take it as negative, I need these points flagged to enable some action my end!


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Bop July 11, 2019 19:19

I do think that the lack of chat for non-members will kill the boards - I often gave advice I was unwilling to share in public via the PM facility. I know we will be able to reply, but do I really want to flag up I have experience of a sensitive area in public by asking someone to start a conversation with me (assuming they even can?). Even flagging sensitive areas can be identifying - especially if several things are flagged over a number of threads....

I am not sure how you create more interest - the number of posts is not sustainable - I haven't been on for a couple of weeks as the hassle of logging in using three points isn't worth the effort for maybe a couple of relevant threads.

It is sad, I have received excellent peer support over a more than a decade from these forums during some really challenging times. Where do adopters turn now?

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moo July 11, 2019 20:47

What do the flags mean?

Edited 17/02/2021
Donatella July 11, 2019 21:08

If you click on them, it tells you. The tick is a verified user. The speech button is chat - neither of which I have!

Edited 17/02/2021
moo July 11, 2019 21:29

On my side of the screen you have chat donatella but I no longer do?

Edited 17/02/2021
Donatella July 11, 2019 23:01

Well that’s weird! From where I am, you have both flags but if I click on the orange message flag it tells me I need to be an AUK member to access! Which I’m not ?

Edited 17/02/2021
Agape July 11, 2019 23:08


This is what comes off when one clicks on your orange dialogue box:

“Donatella 's identity has not been confirmed by any registered adoption agency. Unverified registration is available to anyone on the internet. Please protect your privacy when engaging with this user.”

By the way, I do miss your posts. I have learnt loads from you over the course of years.


Edited 17/02/2021
moo July 11, 2019 23:25

Weird ?

Thats what I got too but I can no longer send chats.... I could but not any more ?

Think it must be ageist ?! Us oldies can no longer chat ! ?

Edited 17/02/2021
Agape July 11, 2019 23:32

I’ll try to chat with you. I’m not sure if it’ll work. I’ll use the orange box

Edited 17/02/2021
Agape July 11, 2019 23:34

I think it’s a real loss that you guys cannot chat (or feel safe to post) in this forum.

Edited 17/02/2021
Safia July 15, 2019 16:19

Maybe it’s a “yes”’after all - in answer to the original question - we will see!

Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 July 24, 2019 02:31

It is good to see the forum starting to revive. The posts by AUK staff do make a difference; it's good to know that we are being listened to and responded to.

One issue though, that has not been addressed and that caused some dismay amongst regular posters is the inability to send a private message unless we are verified..This has already been.miuch discussed so I won't go on about it. But the issue was raised again very recently by Bop and Pear Tree. Now I am adding my two pennorth into the mix. I would really like to send someone a private message but.i can't. And I'm not going to put identifying information on public boards.

Just wondering, could it be possible for registered forum.users to be able to state that they are happy to receive and return posts with non-verified individuals? An opt-out of the very tight security in other words?


Edited 17/02/2021
Scott C-R July 24, 2019 08:43

Hi CatLady

Currently you need to be a member of AUk to instigate chat messages.


Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 July 24, 2019 10:37

Thanks Scott. I did try to join online a few months ago but as a family member it looks like I have to be an adopter, potential adopter or foster carer. I am the grandmother of an adopted child. Am I eligible for membership?

Edited 17/02/2021
Scott C-R July 24, 2019 10:46

Course you can! I’ll DM you later if that’s ok and get you sorted!


Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 July 24, 2019 14:48

Thanks Scott.

Edited 17/02/2021
Scott C-R July 24, 2019 16:51

I have sent you a DM CatLady1


Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 July 24, 2019 23:29

Thanks very much Scott. I tried to message you back but couldn't. However, all will be fine once I've joined!


Edited 17/02/2021
Scott C-R July 25, 2019 10:43

Oh, that is not so good... I will see why that is, as everyone should be able to reply to Moderator DMs.


Edited 17/02/2021


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