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Can the forums recover?

Donatella May 10, 2019 08:33

Not on mine

Edited 17/02/2021
Ford Prefect May 10, 2019 08:38

Time to upgrade from the Nokia then! ?

Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 May 10, 2019 09:13

Not on mine either (4 yr old Samsung which I’m not putting out to grass yet ?). Works great on iPad though and I’m very happy with the changes the admins have made.

Edited 17/02/2021
Donatella May 10, 2019 10:11

Quite happy with my iPhone X thanks Ford!

Edited 17/02/2021
Ford Prefect May 10, 2019 10:14

OK so when I turn my iPhone X on its side I get the full screen with the profile picture and the last row of the home page with the last poster details. I’ll see if I can link a screenshot.

Edited 17/02/2021
Leo May 10, 2019 10:21

It works if I click on 'desktop view' - but is then tiny.

Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 May 10, 2019 10:41

Yes! It works in desktop view, hooray ?. As you say, tiny, but it’s readable with my ‘close work specs’. Thanks for the hint Leo

Edited 17/02/2021
Bluemetro May 10, 2019 14:57

Finally logged in. My phone is less than a year old and I had also hopefully tried to turn it on the side. Hopefully posted today will return soon. It is good to welcome Pear Tree back. Donatella doesn't seem right with new name. No sign of Flosskirk-another with lots of useful advice. I hope things improve too as I don't use facebook either.

Edited 17/02/2021
Ford Prefect May 10, 2019 15:02

Posted today is now “View Latest Posts”. It’s at the top of the forum/

Edited 17/02/2021
Safia May 11, 2019 12:04

Leo are you Pluto / Ceres?

Edited 17/02/2021
Leo May 11, 2019 16:33

Sorry Safia, I'm plain old Leo (who some people may know from other boards).

Edited 17/02/2021
Safia May 11, 2019 19:06

Nice to meet you Leo - only asked as Pluto said she’d be using planet / astrology names and she’d disappeared and I hadn’t heard to you before!

Edited 17/02/2021
Gilreth May 22, 2019 13:55

Well finally managed to get registered - I had been on LinkMaker before and had to wait for my email to disappear out their system before I could re-register :) Now to see how long verification takes....

Edited 17/02/2021
May 23, 2019 13:45

I have only just joined so this is all a bit depressing to read. Don’t think I would be able to join up to the full community features as no longer with an agency. Our daughter is grown up and we are now parenting her children, our grandchildren. I can see the point of security but one main thing I was hoping for was the possibility of meeting up or talking directly to people with children the same age or perhaps who were also grandparents.

Edited 17/02/2021
LM technical support May 23, 2019 14:05

Hi Lucy. The local authority that originally placed your daughter ought to still have a record of this happening, even if it was along time ago. If you let us know the authority via the form then we will do the rest. Thanks, Admin.

Edited 17/02/2021
May 24, 2019 14:41

Thanks for that info, Admin. Will pursue that.

Edited 17/02/2021
chestnuttree May 24, 2019 14:56

Dear Admin,

will there be a "(number) support this" / thumbs up/ like button again? It can be very useful to see which statements other users support or feel are particularly helpful/ insightful/ true. Thanks.

Edited 17/02/2021
LM technical support May 24, 2019 16:19

Hi chestnuttree - yes, we will be adding a 'like' button in the near future.

Thanks, Admin.

Edited 17/02/2021
Safia May 25, 2019 18:49

I suspect NO is the answer to the original question posed in this thread - sadly! ?

Edited 17/02/2021
CatLady1 May 25, 2019 18:58

Have a sinking feeling you may be right Safia. I can't be verified as I'm only a grandparent so can't chat with other people.. which is what I suspect most are doing. I know we've been promised the chat facility for 'unverified' people but there's a wait. Now that the G thread is not being used, it's like the community feel has washed away. I think quite a few of the regular posters got fed up.of the changes. A.real shame. I'm not giving up yet but not over optimistic.

Edited 17/02/2021


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