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What happens after 18?

twelveacreclose January 17, 2023 18:37

We are 6 months away from our daughter (autism, attachment disorder, acute anxiety, depression) turning 18 and can see most of the support we currently receive coming to an abrupt end. Has anyone experience of successfully transitioning to Adult Support Services ? Any agencies that can assist ? Thanks

Donatella January 18, 2023 11:01

My son transferred to Adult Services at 18 but he only ever sees anyone for ADHD meds review. That was pretty straightforward. Other than that no involvement with anyone

Safia January 18, 2023 13:33

My daughter didn’t really start to access services until 18 - except for her EHCP which we had to reapply for when she dropped out of college (it should last till 25 but no one followed up after she had) It is a nightmare / long battle to get what you need in my experience so it might be worth doing some research now on what is available in your area and what you think your daughter will need. There is supposed to be a “smooth” transition to adult services so again ask the ones you are involved with now how this will work and what is available. I think you need as much information as possible and to be as proactive as possible - and be prepared for some hiccups on the way (and for people “forgetting” as a way of signing you off / saving money)

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