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Toileting issues

Sahafiam July 23, 2022 13:44

Hello we have a 4year old been with us since 9 months up until Christmas was toilet trained for bowels and since then she will not use the toilet for her bowels she will be in the toilet will get off pull her knickers back up and poo. She has been out of nappies during the day since February but still has so many accidents 4/5times a day but then can go weeks without an accident. We have sent samples in seen continence doctor etc but they all feel it’s behaviour related so we reward when she uses the toilet. I’m worrying it’s an emotional issue and she is due to start school in September so we need to get this sorted asap any advice?

chestnuttree July 24, 2022 16:49

Sorry, I don't have any personal experience of this. Could this be sensory? Or be about loss? Did she lie in dirty nappies and finds the smell familiar and comforting? Is she overwhelmed by something or feels unsafe? Have you come across these: and ?


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