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Older couple thinking about adoption

PhilJ January 22, 2024 22:24

We are in are mid 50s with a son who's now left home, is it likely we'd be able to adopt young kids?

HeatherJordan93 January 24, 2024 21:09

I have seen and know lots of prospective adopters be aged 50 and over, go for it!

Safia January 26, 2024 15:17

Agencies seem to vary over this so it’s worth trying several. There used to be a general rule of thumb that there should be a maximum of 45 years age different between adult and child - meaning you could be approved to adopt in your fifties but for a slightly older child - but I think this is more flexible now. Factors such as general health, your experience and what you can offer are all important. Read as much as you can about the children seeking adoption and think about how what you can offer fits with their needs. Attend open evenings at different agencies, ask lots of questions, and then decide which to apply to. The assessment process is just as much about you deciding if adoption is right for you as you meeting the requirements of the agency. There are threads on here with recommendations for books and interesting links and lots of real life experiences in the archives - so lots of information to get you started! Good luck


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