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Second time adoptors leave from work

Socks May 16, 2022 12:41

Me again.

We had the call that birth mum is pregnant again. We have put ourselves forward as second time adopters. The baby is to be placed under early permanence regs. But. We will need to be approved under foster to adopt rules, told that could take 4 months to go through. Baby due within this time so if placed with us will be under something called connected carers assessment so baby can be placed from birth.

From my research I can't see any type of official employment leave we can claim for this type of placement, meaning neither of us may not have the right to stay at home as we both work although I'm only part time. Whether work would be inflexible is unknown at this stage.

Has anyone ever had a child place under these rules and managed to secure formal leave from work? I'm coming to the unfortunate conclusion that the baby may have to go into childcare p/t, for 3 days a week until we achieve foster to adopt status, which I'm not thrilled about and that's even if the placing authority agrees with that proposal. I'm worried that if LA disagrees (and I understand entirely why) then our children's sibling will go into foster care albeit in the short term, ruining the chances of attachment building all round.

Anyone faced these challenges at all? Thanks

Serrakunda27 May 17, 2022 19:41

I would have thought you would get a fostering allowance from the LA, they would be paying a foster carer anyway,

does your employer offer sabbaticals or career breaks? This was my plan when I was attempting to foster an older child as a connected person


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