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So Rude...

SCHeart November 17, 2021 14:33

Is anyone else really fed up with children's social workers and family finders being incredibly rude and ignorant? For example, when you show interest in a profile, you are left waiting weeks with absolutely no response, to then have a discussion closed with the most generic response "exploring better match". How can you explore a better match when you haven't even explored a match with us? Read our PAR? I understand Family Finders and Social Workers are busy, but quite frankly it's not good enough. The majority of us all lead busy lives, whether that's working full time or some already taking care of birth children etc. However we still make the time to go back and forth with correspondence etc. We've all invested so much time, energy and emoition into this process and when Family Finders and Social Workers blatantly disregard your feelings in this whole process, it's frankly not right. I understand that the children come first, but it doesn't mean that Prospective Adopters should be disrespected or be seen as insignificant. We are all trying to give a loving home to a child in the care system and give them a better life. There's no excuse for ignoring us, nor is there an excuse for not giving valid reasons for turning people down. The system is ridiculous. We are heavily invested in adopting children, so naturally nothing is going to knock us from continuing. However would I recommend the adoption process to anyone? Absolutely not. I completely understand why so many leave the process, it's very disheartening. The process is hard enough without it being made harder by children's social workers/family finders. Sorry, more of a venting post than anything else.

Donatella November 18, 2021 09:13

The process is hard and, without wanting to sound flippant, it doesn’t necessarily get any easier once your children arrive. It may not be family finders or sws - they’ll be replaced by educators, different sws, camhs, paeds … it continues! Of course it’s worth it but still doing battle with various profs 20 years in 🤷‍♀️🙄!


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