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Adopting when in housing assosciation properties.

Georgia February 16, 2023 16:26

Good afternoon,

My partner and I are looking into adoption and are very serious about starting the process however we seem to be hitting a barrier straightaway as we are housing association tenants . The housing association won't move us to a bigger property on the premise that we may be accepted to adopt and adoption agencies are advising we need a spare bedroom before proceeding .

Can anyone advise on this please ?

To rent in our area would cost us triple the amount we currently pay and it would not be affordable to give us a good family set up in the long run to do this .

SJ & DA March 20, 2024 16:59

Hi Georgia,

I hope you have found a solution - we were told if we wanted to adopt we had to have a bigger property, full stop! Even though our neighbours in the same house had 2 primary age kids and a baby.

I think it can be frustrating when they say 'anyone can adopt' because thats not actually true :/ I really hope you found a work around! I was incredibly fortunate in that my partner got a new job and a raise just at the right time for us to move house and then reapply, but that was very serendipitous and without it we couldnt have moved forward at all....

Hopefully you can find an agency with a bit of pracitcal smarts who will help you with this barrier, rather than shutting you down because of it. All the best x


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