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SALT Referral

ps913 January 12, 2023 17:42

Hello, through our post adoption support (Cambridgeshire) therapist who we see suggested our school aged son would benefit from SALT referral (we did it when we first adopted but have been told we are doing a great job after assessment- he had a limited range of words at the age of 3). Now he is almost 6 and his speech developed quite quickly, however we notice still that his speech is quite behind and can't quite make the sounds he should be making at this stage, i.e. 'sh' is a 's'.

Because he was at nursery and it was quite some time ago, it might have changed how we access SALT again, does anyone want to share their experience of how they went with the process? (we already are in a process of submitting EHCP and working with school on that but it's more for social-emotional help and 1-to-1 rather than speech related help as the school does not see speech as one of the issues). Sorry for long winded post and thank you for any replies.

Edited 12/01/2023
Safia January 18, 2023 13:38

You could try through your GP (or health visitor if you have one) as it will be on record of your son having this before. Or maybe ring the local SALT services and ask their advice? You could arrange to have an assessment done privately then pass on the report to the department doing the EHCP

Corrie January 26, 2023 20:59

Hi. School SENCO can make the referral, or you GP or phone the local SaLT advice line. It's a lengthy process to get any help as the wait is long and you have to go through lots of assessments to meet the limited criteria. It depends on each trust but even if you qualify for some therapy, in my area the input is a maximum of 3, 30 min sessions per year. I have found the local SaLT helpful for EHCP assessments.

We self funded private SaLT in the early years and had therapy every week. Although drained our bank accounts it really was invaluable.


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