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pipsqueaksMD October 3, 2020 21:48

Hi I'm new to the forums. My husband is a wheelchair user, he was injured while in the army and lives with chronic pain from nerve damage in his spine. He can walk but it is difficult for him so uses his wheelchair most of the time. Anyhow, we first looked at adoption last year with our local authority, after an initial visit and then a 3 day prep group we were told that they wouldn't be recommending us to continue ( took them 6 months to tell us!) They stated his disability as being a main reason why. They didn't get to know us as a couple, it felt that they went though the motions so as not to look like they discriminated against us. So you can understand that their decision really devastated us. At the start of this year we made the decision to apply to a neighbouring authority, we were nervous but everything has been going amazingly well. They've been really supportive, gently questioning us about how life would be, getting to know us and what we've been through, a lot apparently. Between military life, infertility issues, hubbies injury and then our adoption rejection, they seem to thing we're resilient and adaptable! Apparently positive things. Anyhoo our panel date was set for mid nov but was just changed to mid January because of delays caused by covid.

So to cut a long post short I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend/ knows of anything that would be helpful? books about parenting with a disability? story books to read to children to help the understand?

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Galapagos October 4, 2020 20:51

I would talk to the military /local occupational therapist and see if they could advise re looking after a baby / child.Lots of disabled parents have children so there will be resources so your husband can do family activities with any adaptations as required. .As regards the types of books im not sure what the current ones are but you tube gas resources eg Brian Post.. boojs on mindfulness and stress management might be good or any on your favourite hobby or interest to help you to relax .have fun and enjoy your time before january

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Applesandpears. November 5, 2020 22:26

Have you contacted SSAFA?

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