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Adopting an older child fron different culture

bernicen June 5, 2020 20:09

My sister is planning to adopt an older child after her parents died in an accident and she was left in a foster care. At 12 years old, the upbringing, belief, and culture of the parents were already ingrained into her. Since it is very different from our family's culture, should our sister left her on her belief and culture or should they left her what was ingrained on her.

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Serrakunda27 June 6, 2020 13:47

Yes your sister should support this child in maintaining her culture and beliefs as she wishes. If we are talking about very different cultures eg Christian and Muslim, they will have to find a way to accommodate both.

If they can't or don't want to then they should not try to adopt her. This girl will have lost so much already. That is not to say your sisters whole family has to change themselves but you cannot force a 12 year old to abandon her culture.

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chestnuttree June 7, 2020 13:58

I agree with Serrakunda. Your sister needs to support this child in maintaining and further developing her identity. Part of that identity are her culture and beliefs. Your sister could read up on "transracial adoption". A lot of the information will be relevant, even if your sister and child are of the same race.\_1\_1?dchild=1&keywords=transracial+adoption&qid=1591530957&sr=8-1

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