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Parenting with a disability resources

ournames March 13, 2021 18:07


I recently wrote a big report in preparation for panel about how I would physically parent children of different ages as there'll be inevitable questions and I do love writing reports!

Anyway, I got most of the information from this blog, it's amazing!

It's mostly relevant to people with physical disabilities but there are heaps and heaps of resources out there for people with all different kinds of disabilities.

A couple of others I've found are:

Please share any that you've come across too. I've found convincing social workers that disabled parents are as amazing—if not more amazing :p—than any other parents can be quite a challenge! The more support we can give each other the better!

NorthWest May 21, 2021 18:53

This is amazing for us! Thank you. Any tips from your report would be really helpful for our situation right now.

ournames June 3, 2021 11:30

Hi, I'm sorry, I've only just seen your post. I think I forgot to check the email notifications box!

What I did with the report was break it down into the different daily things I would need to do with a child and then further break that down into ages/needs. My basic structure was this:

Scenario: ie. feeding, bathing, bedtime routine, going to school, nappy changing (at home and out)

Notes: What are the important considerations, for example for feeding I put "Important things are having the child safe and secure while food is being prepared and while they’re being fed. Also to allow them to eat with us at a table as they get older."

Child's age/developmental stage/needs: ie. bottle feeding, sitting at the table to eat, pre-walking/toddling/fully mobile

Supporting evidence/advice from parents: This is where the links above come in handy, but I'm also part of a disabled parents Facebook group where I got loads of great practical advice. I also asked non-disabled parents I know how they do things in situations like having a bad back, holding bags of shopping, having multiple children. Less mobile grandparents can also give great advice here.

Products: I gave links to products that I'd consider buying and explained what they'd help me with.

I hope that helps! Please feel free to message me if there's anything else I can help with!

NorthWest June 4, 2021 08:01

Thanks so much for replying. I've sent you a chat message, not sure how this works as not used it before! Hopefully we can get in touch :) thanks


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