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NI adopters

Looking for info November 11, 2022 21:15

My husband and I are at a point where we have done are initial medicals and financial forms, we have submitted references and will be going on the pre adoption course soon, I am just wondering if anyone can tell us what to expect next? I am a bit worried as my blood pressure was a little high and my bmi was just over what they would like so not sure how this will impact? Any advice or insight would be appreciated!

Safia November 12, 2022 09:15

No idea how things work in NI or indeed anywhere now as I adopted many years ago but my advice would be - given your worries about your BMI and BP - to look at any changes you could make to improve these - even if not effective the idea of trying to make changes should go down well

Looking for info November 12, 2022 14:44

Thank you thata exactly what I have been doing as you say even the view to making the changes should speak out.


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