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BAME single adopters

Tomatoesaregood September 9, 2020 23:00

I am a single male of British Indian heritage. A couple of voluntary agencies have been really positive about me. But I live in a county with not much diversity, and the SW is allowing me to proceed to stage 1 but I just felt something was 'off'. I just was wondering how other single adopters with various BAME backgrounds have been recieved by Social Services Teams. Did they welcome you applying?

Edited 17/02/2021
Lettice September 12, 2020 09:22

What did you feel was 'off', was it the individual SW's attitude or the agency approach?

If it's the agency, you can get data on an agency's track record e.g. ethnicity of children placed, number of single-adopter placements, so it might be worth making some comparisons since you are in a minority situation in your county. What about the VA's? They look further afield for children and you say they are positive about you, this suggests that they feel you would match the demographic they are looking to match.

Have you found the single prospective adopters group on facebook - it's a large busy group so lots of different perspectives and you will find others in similar situation there.

Edited 17/02/2021


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