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How long does it take to get a response from the courts

CSH1983 April 14, 2021 20:05


We sent off our A58 papers 6 weeks ago and still heard nothing back from the courts, even though the delivery has been tracked and signed for. Just wondering how long it usually takes to get a response?


Safia April 15, 2021 08:25

I’ve no idea - but just know the courts are really slow at the moment generally

CSH1983 April 19, 2021 10:06

Thanks, I guess what I meant to ask was how long did it take from other peoples personal experience? I understand it could be a while until we get the order due to the courts being slow during the pandemic, I'm just worried that I sent off a pile of personal documents, including a real copy of our marriage certificate, and had no confirmation that it's even been received. I sent it signed for and apparently it's been delivered, but that's all I know and no one answers the phone.

Just wondering if this is generally a long process, or if I should be making more effort to chase it up?

Many thanks.

chestnuttree April 20, 2021 08:34

As far as I remember, ours should have taken 3 months to go through, but took 6 months due to contestations. Celebration hearing was 2 months after that. This was pre-Covid, many years ago.

Crezza June 16, 2021 21:42

Sore subject for us and one I would also love an answer to!!! Our son has been with us since December 2020, due to many delays on the LAs side the paperwork was only submitted at the end of April (our section was filled in by us and sent on the date required… 10 weeks after placement!!) We are still waiting for a court date, the court called me and took the fee about 4 weeks ago, so fingers crossed not much longer… I definitely was not aware it could take this long. It’s very stressful :-(


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