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Use of the term 'adoption' by animal charites

Lulu Galloway January 12, 2021 14:16

I'm interested to know how other adopters feel abut the term 'adoption' when it is used by animal charities and sanctuaries. For me it is deeply offensive and is an improper use of a word which means so much more than paying a monthly amount to support a goat or a hedgehog. Whilst supporting animals is important, and we have always rescued cats rather than bought kittens from breeders, equating what we do as adopters with what these organisations do is completely wrong in my opinion. I'm very keen to see a change in how this word is used and although I recognise it is used widely within animal charities, I am determined to start a conversation and to encourage their use of the word 'sponsor' or 'support' and leave to those who really do adopt, sole use of that important, life-changing word. Let me know through this forum what you think or if you have been affected by the misuse of the word. Thank you.

windfalls January 12, 2021 14:46

Hi Lulu,

You might want to change your username as this is a public forum and you don't know who is reading!

I do agree with you and have never liked the use of the word "adoption' in this context, much preferring the word "sponsor", I think it gives the impression that in adoption the "thing" never really belongs to the person that is "adopting" it and thus undermines the idea of permanency. But then I do think that this is how adoption social workers also view adoption as well. Adopters are always "forced" to keep up with contact with birth parents even when the adopters don't think it is in the child's best interests. It is almost as if we are not "allowed" to act in our child's best interest because the child is not really "ours' and still belongs to the "birth parents". Also i have seen, on these boards, how once an adoptee is 18 social workers go behind the backs of adoptive parents and 'reunite" the child with the birth parents. It is almost as if all we are nothing more than foster carers and are certainly not seen as the child's "real parents" and so our views are not relevant.

Just my view anyway!xx

Donatella January 12, 2021 16:05

For me, it’s a minor irritation, no more. Too many other things to be annoyed at tbh. In NVR terms, it’s a big basket issue for me

chestnuttree January 12, 2021 17:31

Even though I find it very annoying and wrong, it also is a big basket issue for me.


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