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#Youcanadopt campaign

DigitalAUK September 16, 2020 08:38

As the #YouCanAdopt campaign launches across England today, our CEO Sue Armstrong-Brown, tells us why adopter recruitment is so important for the children who need it most.

What’s more, she explains why the ongoing work & support from Adoption UK will continue to be vital for adoptive families; allowing them access to lifelong, integrated expert support as required, and why it is imperative that adopted people are able to grow up secure in their life stories, with no mystery or shame attached to their past.

Safia September 18, 2020 10:21

Excellent article - I wholeheartedly agree - the whole process should be open and honest and education around all the issues to do with the complexities of developmental trauma - not only for prospective adopters but in education and healthcare - is vital - adoptions can work well but the right support at the right time where it is needed is key


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