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Fostering for Adoption

Robshaw September 13, 2020 17:31

Hello everyone,

My partner and I have spent the last couple of years researching about adoption and preparing ourselves to start this journey.

We are very much looking into fostering for adoption and we feel we have the right the skills to be able to cope (as best we can) with whatever may come our way. But also there are so many positives for the children that this route has.

We thought we were almost ready to apply, then we watched Aimee Coppers video on her journey and found out (as no one had told us before) that when you take this route you will have to take unpaid leave for up to 6 months until the adoption order comes through. As foster carers technically only get paid £25 a week in our area (I don't know if it differs elsewhere) we are really concerned that financially this isn't going to be manageable.

I am a primary school teacher and I have serious doubts as to whether I would even be allowed to take unpaid leave in the first place and then ask to take a further 6-12 months adoption leave.

Has anyone experienced this journey that could shed some light? We would be very grateful, thank you.

Ines September 15, 2020 19:55

Hi We are approved for foster to adopt but are looking at adoption as well. I believe the guidance is different since Aimee Cooper went through the process. If you are entitled to statutory adoption leave, you can now start this at the start of the f2a placement, or delay it until the placement for adoption is agreed. But I think this is with discussion with your employer, so you should check their policies. So depending if there were no delays, this could all take place within a 12 months adoption leave (in my experience they will ask for a full time parent for at least a year). The primary carer would receive a foster allowance. There are lots of complexities involved and you will receive further training during the assessment process. It’s worth attending some information events with agencies and discussing with the SW. Good luck with your journey.


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