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GCSEs and beyond

Serrakunda27 August 27, 2020 11:35

We are absolutely thrilled and relieved that Simba got the GCSEs he deserved, including a 6 in Maths.

He has been on a great journey from special school to mainstream primary and secondary, worked his little socks off and benefited from amazing teachers.

He is off to college to study engineeering with his best mate.

Safia August 27, 2020 11:54

Well done to you both - fantastic news! Time to celebrate

windfalls August 27, 2020 11:55

Yes well done - fabulous news!!! xx

Donatella August 27, 2020 14:55

That’s fab! Middly got A* in Art and Higher maths and an A in Physics so will be returning to mainstream after 10 years to do Art, Maths and Physics A levels. Thankfully LA very supportive so he’s chosen his very own 1-1 to help him organise himself. xx

Safia August 27, 2020 18:10

Well done to all of you too Donatella - I remember how hard you had to fight to get him the right support when he was little - so worth all the heartbreak!

Kazzie August 28, 2020 11:09

Well done to everyone. DD achieved grade 5 in both English language and literature plus passed level 2 Maths and English functional skills as well. It may not seem much compared to some but we are so proud of her considering all the very real difficulties that she has had with school and college.

Donatella August 28, 2020 16:10

That’s brilliant Kazzie. Our kids don’t have it easy. My daughter will be starting her GCSEs this year but in reality we’ll be looking more towards vocational subjects for her. I’ve already identified a course for 2 years time which I think will suit her abilities. She does agree with me! x

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Serrakunda27 August 30, 2020 09:53

well done to the mini Kazzie and Donatellas

I have always told Simba, it doesnt matter what anyone else gets, its your achievement that matters, if it get you where you need to be next, its more than good enough

E-mog August 30, 2020 17:14

Well done to all who have achieved this year. My dd has her gcses this year and I have to say I am so worried for her. She struggles academically, she has had a very disrupted education due to social/emotional issues and on top has had to deal with lockdown and no school. She needs 3's in 4 subjects to get onto the college course of her choice, my fingers are going to be very tightly crossed for the next year!


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