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Radial discrimination court case / Adoption

chestnuttree November 7, 2019 17:58
Donatella November 7, 2019 18:14

I can remember reading about this a few years ago and I don’t think it’s as simple as race. They wanted to adopt a young baby/child with no additional needs. As we know that’s not realistic. So maybe they did need challenging?

We were turned down by two agencies second time around. We wanted one child. They wanted adopters who were willing to consider sibling groups. We also weren’t a priority as we’d already adopted. And there were adopters waiting. Not discrimination. Just the way it was.

We did adopt again - twice - via different authorities. Why did they not try other authorities with a more diverse population?

I’m not hugely sympathetic I have to say - more productive ways of spending your time, energy and money?

None of us have an absolute right to a family via adoption. It’s not about us and our needs - it’s about finding families for children.

chestnuttree November 7, 2019 19:22

I remember it as well and it is like you say Donatella. It is an interesting case anyway I think. I wonder what the consequences of the judgement to come will be.

We were also turned down by our LA, ironically because we are white. We asked other agencies, were taken on board and ended up adopting transracially. However, the social worker of two white British children told us during our matching phase that they were looking for a "better ethnic fit" than we could offer. We are White European. So there is some craziness out there.

The fact that some papers and tv magazines report about this as if a loving home is all that is needed and that anyone somehow has a right to a child bothers me too. They don't look at it from the perspective of the child at all and ignore the challenges of transracial adoption.

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