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Safia April 25, 2019 20:39

Just wanted to say - Hi everyone - just managing to get to grips with the new system - so since we can’t post on the old threads (old as in we were using them this morning) I thought I’d better start a new G thread - as we can’t do without one! So here it is! I think the last letter was K going down the alphabet (Z-A) so J is next then I

happyeater April 25, 2019 20:41

In that case I will help to kick things off and say hello too!

CatLady1 April 25, 2019 21:59

Hello from me as well. Glad to see the G thread back again :-)

Chick's Mum April 25, 2019 22:15

Feeling positive about posting here. Hello to HappyEater and LizLee! Thanks, Safia, for keeping up the flags.

Call out to Createamum, Cat Lady, Flosskirk and others; please check in.

Just back from a lovely evening out with an old friend - Thai and a glass of wine - surely that is an all time high for a Thursday night?

Chick's Mum April 25, 2019 22:48

Every day I look for positives. Every day I get somewhat kicked in the teeth. On this new website, I've just been given a little image next to my name of a small iguana. Now, I've got nothing against iguana but I have to ask "why?". Why do I need an imposed image of an iguana to represent me? Why? Why? Why? I can represent myself. I don't need help.

Safia April 25, 2019 23:00

Definitely better than Question Time! Where does that image appear if you don’t mind me asking? Just beginning to get confused again as the fog was clearing!

Chick's Mum April 25, 2019 23:02

Do I see Cat Lady in LizLee? Just reading other threads and putting two and two together. Is that you Cat Lady?

CatLady1 April 26, 2019 01:19

Bumbling around this new website, feeling bemused.. yes Chick's Mum, this is Cat Lady here! I've been trying to work out how to change my 'community name' but so far no luck. I have emailed the 'help' people so we shall see.

Like Safia, I see no iguana or other images.. very strange. Chicks Mum, I agree it's rather odd to have a representation dumped on you in such a random fashion. What goings on..!

CatLady1 April 26, 2019 02:33

Ah! Now on iPad instead of phone and I see the pictures. I have a butterfly which I quite like but would prefer to choose my own.

I see that the facility to exchange personal messages is now confined to auk members. Seems like a real backward step to me. What a shame.

Chick's Mum April 26, 2019 14:56

But hello again, people! Does anyone out there who likes "G" or "G2" have AUK membership? If so then please let us know as we'd like to private message anyone who would be happy to keep in contact, perhaps outside of the forum. Private messages have now been restricted to members only and, although I will be happy to subscribe in order to contact people, if there's someone out there who already has a subscription then this would be helpful. Please let me know.

On a lighter note and somewhat pertinent to our previous conversation but Safia is not allowed to answer:

Starter for 10: If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words Then Why Can't I Paint You? - which band?

Oh come on, Safia, that is funny - no?

Chick's Mum April 26, 2019 16:45

Cool. We have found an AUK member who can do the necessary (at least I think so). Anyone interested in learning a bit more about WhatsApp?

Safia April 26, 2019 17:41

Definitely happy to hear that! So if anyone would like to be part of the WhatsApp group they just need to say on this thread then the member will PM them - then they can reply with PM giving their contact details and join! Welcome to all! Also if anyone is going under a new name because of the confusion between username and community name it would be great to know (as there’s hardly anyone I recognise at the moment)

CatLady1 April 26, 2019 18:58

Eeh, that is good news about the AUK member who can help re WhatsApp contacts. I would be interested in joining, am already a WhatsApp user.

I tried to change my community name but failed. Nothing came up saying 'your profile' which is where the change can be done; I think things appear differently on phones. So I emailed Link Maker and they offered to do it for me, so I'm hoping a new improved version of Cat Lady will appear before long.

Chick's Mum, I don't know the band, but my other half sang the song to me recently. Aww! :-)

Chick's Mum April 26, 2019 21:44

Find myself asking the question about what a new, improved Cat Lady would look like ...

If you don't get a PM from Larsti in the next 24 hours then let me know and I will put Plan B in place.


I have two over excited toddler, nine year olds upstairs. Bread? Bed? what's the difference? R and A. Ummm.

CatLady1 April 26, 2019 22:27

Great, look forward to hearing from Larsti.. or Plan B.

Nine years olds can be hilarious (my eldest granddaughter is one) Good luck with getting them to calm down!

Night night

Chick's Mum April 26, 2019 23:00

Have to say that my toddlers are quiet as the quietest thing in a very quiet place on a very quiet day. Well done them. Oh, yes, I read them the riot act before bed but, surely, that is just the normal bedtime story. No?

About you now April 26, 2019 23:16

I (hope we are going up the alphabet?) am a long time lurker & part time poster.

Really want to be part of your whatsapp group if allowed?!

Really not liking the new - thrust upon us without much notice - forums: and the image I see is a mouse!

Feel I know you all through the g thread etc & hope I can join your gang!


Createamum April 27, 2019 07:07

Can confirm we made it across, well we had an interesting evening last night, I had to go back to work as there was an emergency, left sticky with hubby for three hours. I forgot that I’d brought a bag in from the car with some biscuits and chocolates that I had been giving by a freind to drop at the food bank. get back from work at 10 and the bag has gone, ask DH about it no, doesn’t know anything about it, go up stair and open sticky’s bedroom door and there she is empty box of biscuits, one empty box of chocolates and half of a tub of celebrations gone. Now I know I should have moved it before I left, but really she knows she’ll get in trouble but we still keep going. Roll forward to 4 this morning and she trips the burglar alarm by going downstairs, by time I get down she’s already tucking into the cereals in the box.

so her and I have been downstairs since then so DH can sleep, me watching tv with my headphones on, Continually writing out either every times table upto 20 x the number and upto the 20s times table, when they’re done we switch to finding 1 word for each letter in the alphabet that has more than eight letters and writing that word out eight times.

Its going to be be a long day.

Chick's Mum April 27, 2019 16:11

Just doing a little test as I'm rather confused. I thought that your User name appeared on the "Posted Today" page and your Community name appeared on the post itself (and the two couldn't be the same) but Createamum seems to have managed to have them both the same - unless flicking between pages is making me mistake what I think that I am seeing.

Createamum, lovely to hear from you. Sorry things are so difficult. I send empathy and hugs ((((Createamum)))).

Don't know if our member has found her membership number yet but will check in later and we can take it from there. Such a shame that we didn't get more notice of private messages being restricted or I would have done something before the old site got taken down. Hey ho. We live and learn, I guess.

Safia April 27, 2019 18:31

Konfused - I’m even more confused now - I haven’t seen any posted today section? Yes we live and learn but I don’t know if I’m willing to go through another “upgrade” - each time it seems to get worse - IMO - but not doubt great for those using linkmaker and of course people on there can use AUK - so mostly prospective and new adopters - that’s great for them and potato is of course great for those at the other end (which is me of course) but I can’t help feeling there’s a group in the middle kissing out and generally at the stage where they need to begin to identify the right support

Another gripe - every time I come on I need to log in again and go through several steps to get to the right place - that wasn’t happening before!

Anyway Createamum - glad you’ve turned up and made contact


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