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Attachment to men

helbop April 28, 2013 11:55

Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I wonder if anyone has had a similar issue to what we''re going through at the mo and can offer any advice?<BR><BR>Our wonderful 19 month old son was placed with us 5 months ago. He had a male foster carer and over the last 2 months (since he''s been more mobile) has started to approach men to be picked up when we''re out & about or with friends. He almost makes a beeline for them! As a same sex female couple he obviously isn''t getting as much male ''attention'' as he''s used to, but he does see men regularly. <BR><BR>We''re both really unsure how to handle it as we don''t want to stop him/deny him the male attention that he needs but don''t want him approaching strangers too!<BR><BR>Any help is much appreciated!<BR><BR>H <img src=''''>


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