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Same-sex/LBGT adoption article

benacheson April 22, 2013 07:06

<BR><BR>Here is a link to a new article on adoption, specifically same-sex/LBGT adoption:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Any thoughts or comments, positive or negative, would be most appreciated as I keep an open mind on this issue. <BR>

jmk April 22, 2013 12:51

For those that don't know Ben other post has been moved to the Discussion Board by the Mods.

Lilythepink April 22, 2013 13:02

Thanks JMK - I couldn't see where that had gone.<BR><BR>For what it's worth moderators - I'm pretty annoyed that you moved a thread at that particular stage.<BR><BR>It is my assumption based on posts that the Adopter board is much better frequented than the Discussion board.<BR><BR>You allowed that thread to stand for a period containing a negative assumption about LGBT families and adoption from one user - and then moved it at the point that it received an evidenced response to counter it. A polite, non-rule breaking one at that.<BR><BR>Thanks for sweeping my happy family under the carpet incase it upsets someone.

jmk April 22, 2013 13:10

That's why I put this post on Lily. <BR><BR>I came back to the boards and thought the original post had been deleted and I couldn't see why, so I looked for it and found it had been moved. <BR><BR>Having said that I do think the Discussion Board is better for "discussions" as they tend to stay there for longer and don't get lost down the page as tends to happen on the busier boards like the adopters one, and with the page system not working, people will be able to add their thoughts to it better on the discussion board, that is if they wander down that far of course.


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