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Just starting... Help

cocolola12 April 12, 2013 15:09

Me and my Partner have been together for 6 nearly 7 years now. Hes 31 and im 25, we have always wanted to start a family and to have our own family unit, its very important to me and my partner, he was in care when he was young and feels very strongly that he wants to do things differently with our child than his parents did with him. we finally feel ready to start looking into adoption. Reading through some of your posts i feel very positive and inspired by all of your story''s.<BR><BR>I would love any advice on the best way to get started in the process , i have registered with the local council and hope to attend an open evening to learn more about the process and what options we have as a couple, all the information feels a little overwhelming at first glance but im researching my way through<img src=''''><BR><BR>its so nice to see so many same sex couples going through / gone through the process of adoption - very inspiring. Would love to hear from anyone who is just starting out ? or anyone that has some good advice to a rookie!<BR><BR><BR><img src=''''>

Simba01 April 14, 2013 06:53

Hi I've messaged you direct <img src=''> we welcome though

Fishwife1949 April 14, 2013 07:32

I would personally regaister with more than one LA also some VAs because you will be able to better get a feel for <BR><BR><BR>Time scales <BR>How friendly they are <BR>And how they answer any questions <BR><BR>Also gay couples tend to wait longer for placements so you might want to ask them if there experinced ith gay couples and how long in genrall for placemnts <BR><BR><BR><BR>In my experince VAs are usuAlly mich better with dealing with anything outside the "norm"<BR><BR><BR>

Boogieboy April 17, 2013 09:47

Hi Cocolola12<BR>My self and my partner have gone through the process, we firstly went with a local authority but things kept dragging on and on and had loads of excuses given to us so after nine months of not getting anywhere we finally decided to tell them to forget it and i went online to look at other avenues of adoption, i contacted Bernardo's who said they didn't deal with adoption where we lived but gave me details of other agency's, after doing research we finally contact an agency called adoption focus in April who have been a blessing, we started with them last July 2012 had a full run down of what would be happening and also gave us loads of information and help, we got approved in Feb this year and got matched at end of March and if all goes well will be having our little one soon so we are both very very happy with our agency<BR><BR>soon to be Daddy & Dad <img src=''>

polkadot April 17, 2013 12:24

I agree with all the comments that have been posted in regards to local authorities. We went through action for children and we met our little boy within 11 months of our first meeting with them. It took about 6 months for the paper work side of things. It was really very quick. We have now had our wonderful son for 6 months!<BR><BR>Action for Children is better if your are looking to be matched with an older child, ours is 5, so this may be why it was quicker. <BR><BR>We have heard so many horror stories about LA via other adopters, so not sure what the best is for your situation.<BR><BR>Good luck with everything - believe me this is just the start of an amazing (but hard) journey!

polkadot April 17, 2013 12:26

Sorry - forgot to add that we are two mums who have adopted a little boy.<BR><BR>Additionally, we have had no problems with our sexuality at any stage of the process - it was completely irrelevant!<BR><BR>xx


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