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daddy and dad March 28, 2013 08:45

Hi everyone,<BR><BR>My partner and I are due to commence our introductions on Tuesday with our two little boys aged 3 & 5.<BR><BR>Is there any advice you can give us?<BR>What should we expect when we first meet them... we are both very nervous and very excited, emotions are all over the place!!<BR><BR>We think we have got everything prepared and ready for them.<BR><BR>Anything you guys can share with us will be fantastic!<BR><BR>Very nervous and excited Dad & Daddy<BR>

Simba01 March 28, 2013 19:30

No advice I'm afraid as your ahead, but we just wanted to wish you luck. Hope it goes well :-) x

Patanya March 28, 2013 19:40

Congratulations and good luck.<BR><BR>Intros can be stressful so try to take things day by day. The first visit should be short and the FCs will have spent time preparing your little ones. <BR><BR><BR>I was really nervous the night before and in the morning before getting there. It was a relief to finally get there and see our little boy.<BR><BR>I would say be led by them, relax and have fun and don't forget the camera x

twilight1 March 29, 2013 00:43

Great advice from patanya and I would say the same. We were soooo nervous before meeting our little man but that all melted away the minute we saw him. The work that his fc did with him before intros definitely worked as he recognised us when we met him - i will never forget the look on his face when he saw us for the first time :-)) Let them lead you, take it slowly, take lots of pictures and enjoy it. You will be exhausted during intros as it is mentally and physically draining so you need to look after yourselves.<BR>Congratulations! These are v exciting times xx


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