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Advice Needed

Becky_Boo February 21, 2021 20:15


I’ve wanted to apply to become an adoptive parent for a long time but I’m anxious that I won’t be what they are looking for. I would be applying as a single adopter with a disability (mobility issue). I have a lot of support from family & friends. I co-own a home with family so support would be on hand if & when needed.

I have done a lot of research and know where issues could arise with caring for a child and have identified modifications I would need to make & equipment I’d need to purchase.

Has anyone here adopted as a single person with a disability? Or would I automatically be ruled out from applying ? I’d really appreciate the advice.

Lettice February 27, 2021 09:28

You would not be automatically ruled out. It's worth phoning around a few different agencies for a chat, so that you can get an idea of what they will ask of you. Your research and identified modifications will stack up. They will ask about a strong support network of local people for practical, day-to-day support. (They require this of everyone, but particularly singles.) They always ask about wider support, family and friends networks too. There is a very supportive network of single adopters on facebook, that is worth joining for sharing experience.

If you find an agency is lukewarm towards you, it may just be that they have far too many applicants. Approaching with an open mind and wider scope for your potential child (age, disability, ethnicity, contact requirements) is helpful.


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