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New NHS number for adopted children

ruth & Ben April 25, 2022 20:38

Does anyone know how the child gets their new NHS number and how long it takes? It is awful having to go to GP/pharmacy/ hospital and say their birth names, as its very confusing for our children to hear these names - as they're not their names anymore

Donatella April 26, 2022 06:49

So long ago I can’t remember but I remember having to chase the health board to get them. Do you have the AO yet? Your GP should allow to register your child as “known as” - that’s what mine did pre AO

Safia April 26, 2022 08:10

Same here - can’t remember how long it took but it seemed a formality as we were advised to use their new names from the start - “known as” - though we never actually said known as so it must’ve been registered in the way Donatella mentioned - and we were involved with health services from the start


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