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Adopting with Epilepsy

Charlie_86 April 27, 2021 17:19

I have epilepsy & havenโ€™t had a seizure for 6 months, i was 10+ years seizure free previously but due to some medication issues I had a seizure. We have just passed stage 1 & have been advised to think about a safety plan and what would go into this. Does anyone have any experience/advice with this?? TIA ๐Ÿ˜€

chestnuttree April 28, 2021 12:51

I don't have epilepsy and I hope someone who is more qualified to answer will do so soon. However, maybe have a look at this: and think about how you would keep a child safe in any of these situations. You need to think about physical and psychological safety. What precautions can you take and how would you handle a seizure with a child around? Will you be the primary carer? What age groups are you considering?

You could contact the epilepsy society or other organisations to see if they have any advice. How do parents with severe epilepsy handle parenting? This is not an adoption specific situation, but you need to factor in that your child very likely will come with challenges of his or her own. Maybe also post on Mumsnet too for more traffic.

Edited 29/04/21
Charlie_86 April 28, 2021 21:12

Thank you, I shall have a look at this and try and tailor it to my needs.

Thank you for your help ๐Ÿ˜€


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