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Missing International Certificates

Dexter April 25, 2022 09:52

Hello, i'm an adoptee, sorry if this isn't the right place to post, but I need help on where to go next...

Basically I was adopted from a south Asian country back in the 90's, born, 3 months later brought to England by my adoptive parents. I have lived here ever since, always held my AP family name.

I was filling in a DBS form for a volunteer role and it asked about having any other surnames, I figured I must have done during those 3 months. Contacted AP and they said it should be on the Adoption Certificate/Birth Certificate. This is where things spiral... I asked if they had it, they say no, I have it - they passed it to me before uni as dad figured I might need them. I don't remember receiving either of those documents or the passport - apparently I have (had) duel citizenship of the original country. Anyway, they're going to look. I've looked, but no luck sadly, as i've moved quite frequently as you would do during uni. I'd like to think I would have kept these documents, but always a big chance I was an idiot and chucked them away with a bunch of other things. Fingers crossed anyway, as I don't remember getting them like I said, but this would have been 8 - 10 years ago.

I have recently got my UK passport renewed, so that's good, I am classed as a British citizen too.

I would imagine i'd have to go to the original country's embassy and request these documents, but the other problem is my AP can't remember my birth surname, I think we only know my birth name, which is now different. I don't think that's enough information.

My main question is how big of a messup is this? I feel like I could be deported now. I'm missing a Birth Certificate, Adoption Certificate and Birth Country Passport. I really don't know where to go next, or where it would be best to get advice.

Sorry again if this is the wrong place.

Donatella April 25, 2022 10:16

Generally you don’t need to inform bodies of your original birth surname - the bit on passport applications etc is more for people who’ve changed surname by marriage for example or in my daughter’s case changed her Christian name by deed poll. I’ve never disclosed my childrens birth names anywhere. The adoption certificate replaces the original birth certificate.

I wouldn’t think you need to tell them your original names. It’s not relevant in those circumstances.

You can get replacement adoption certificates from the General Registry Office.

No idea how to get hold of your original birth certificate but your parents must have some information from the adoption agency with details about your birth etc?

Edited 25/04/2022


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