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Deregistration process with the Southern Trust?

DamienandCharlotte May 16, 2018 12:26

Has anyone went through the deregistration process with the Southern Trust? We have been threatened with deregistration because they say the relationship has broken down. We have been approved twice after wrongfully being told to go'suspended' following the breakdown of a perspective adoption placement. We were even told by a new social worker that we were ill advised and that it did harm our standing! Currently we have been chasing the trust for several months to simply get the explanation behind this reason, and any other reasons but as yet nothing has been produced. We don't know if we have any representation from the Southern Trust as we haven't heard from our social worker since last year - probably a year since we heard from her. We had a meeting 3 months ago with the senior Practitioner and Newry manager and we were told that we would get the reasons in detail so we could atleast represent our case, but nothing materialised. This isn't surprising because it's what we have faced since day 1 - over 9 years ago. It actually took us 1.5 years to get our home study started and it just went down hill from there. The Southern Trust don't follow any kind of processes and are more concerned with ticking boxes than the care of children that desperately need a loving forever home. We are normal loving prospective adopters, we even have the psychologists report to prove it after an attempt by the Trust to prove we were mental! We would appreciate any help or advise anyone has to stop this from happening and highlight the poor performance of the Southern Trust in this matter. We have suffered at the hands of ill trained and advised staff for years and when we pointed this out their immediate reaction was to get shot of us - thus just highlighting our concerns. Next stop the Nolan Show..not even sure if we're kidding anymore. Thanks


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